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I love spring because finally something fresh appears after the potato winter. Although, of course, nowadays it is possible to purchase any vegetables and fruits – imported or greenhouse – in large supermarkets all year round.

My husband just loves radishes. My daughter and I also treat it well, so I try to cook something with it often.

We also love fresh cucumbers as a whole family. But so far they are insanely expensive. That’s why I decided to save myself pickled. Surprisingly, the taste turned out to be very interesting!

— 250 g of radish;
— 2 pickled cucumbers;
— a good bunch of green onions;
– 3 eggs;
— 4th century spoons of sour cream;
– salt;
– ground black pepper.

Preparation of salad with radish.

Wash the radish well, remove the “spouts”. As always, we leave the skin, as it contains a lot of vitamins that our body needs! Grate your favorite vegetable on a grater for Korean carrots. Put in a salad bowl.

We also wash the green onion feathers well with cold water, dry them with paper towels and finely cut them into rings.

Boil the eggs until hard (15 minutes), cool, clean and cut into cubes. Add to radish with onion.

We open a jar of our blanks. Soon we will eat new ones, we need to finish what we have.

Cut off their “noses” and grate them on the same grater used for Korean carrots. It turns out very juicy!

Season with sour cream. I don’t think it’s worth taking fat. That’s 15%! Salt and pepper to taste.

We sprinkle each portion with additional vitamins – chopped onions. Enjoy your taste!

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