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Shrimps can be boiled, grilled, baked, used in soups, risottos, and salads. Shrimp meat has a lot of protein and almost no fat, but contains iodine, calcium and half of Mendeleev’s table. Shrimp are great for making salads. I really like the salad with shrimp and tomatoes with an appetizing pink sauce (refers to Spanish cuisine).

I prepare such a salad regularly all year round, in winter it reminds me of summer. Of course, I buy frozen, unpeeled shrimp (1 kg of unpeeled is much more profitable than 3 kg of peeled). When buying shrimp, pay attention – the heads should not be black, the layer of ice on the shell should be small, and the smell of the sea should disappear during cooking.

It is not necessary to defrost the shrimp before boiling, it is better to rinse them under cold water to wash off the ice.

200 g shrimp;
2 eggs;
100 g of hard cheese;
2 tomatoes;
100 mayonnaise;
1 Art. spoon of ketchup;
Tabasco sauce;

How to make a salad with shrimp and tomatoes.

I start preparing the salad with the sauce. Combine mayonnaise and ketchup in a bowl, add a little Tabasco sauce and lemon juice to taste. Mix everything thoroughly.

Throw frozen shrimp into boiling, salted water, add dill for flavor. After boiling, cook for 3-5 minutes.

We put it in a colander, cool it and clean it. Then we dip the shrimp into our sauce.

While the shrimps are infused, cut the tomatoes into thin slices and put them on a plate – this will be the bottom layer of our salad.

Peel the hard-boiled eggs and cut them into cubes. Spread the second layer on top of the tomatoes. To make the salad juicier, spread a small amount of mayonnaise on each layer.

The next layer is coarsely grated cheese.

It remains to put our shrimps in an appetizing sauce on top.

The salad is ready, eat healthy, treat your family and friends!

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