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Let me introduce you to another type of salad. Personally, at our place, no feast is complete without salads: it is both tasty and filling. Actually, that’s all you need to make this salad.

squid carcasses – 1 kg;
crab sticks – 2 packages;
canned champignons – 1 can;
onion – 3 pc.;
chicken eggs – 3 pc.;
salt – to taste;
mayonnaise – to taste;
vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l.

How to prepare a salad with squid and crab sticks.

Clean squid from the skin and boil until ready. The main thing is not to overcook, otherwise they will be hard.

Peel and finely chop the onion.

Pour oil into the pan, put the onion there and put it on the fire.

Chop the champignons from the jar into smaller pieces.

And send to the pan to the onion.

Fry until onions are ready. Cut the crab sticks.

Put the sticks in a salad bowl, put the onion and mushrooms there.

Eggs should also be boiled and cooled. Then finely chop. Since the salad is not prepared in layers, you can cut the products in any sequence, so to speak, according to the degree of readiness.

Cut the boiled and cooled squid into strips.

Put everything in a salad bowl and mix.

Dress the salad with mayonnaise to taste, do the same with salt. Remember that this salad is very nutritious and satisfying.

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