Salad without mayonnaise – a recipe with a photo

Today we will prepare a light salad without mayonnaise. It is prepared very quickly and simply.

young cabbage – 0,5 kg;
ham – 300 g;
canned green peas – 200 g;
fresh cucumber – 3 pc.;
dill, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, vinegar to taste.

The process of making a salad without mayonnaise.

First, chop the young cabbage. In this salad, young cabbage can be replaced with Beijing cabbage. It is not necessary to grind it very much. Now it needs to be salted and well crushed with handles. Transfer to a deep bowl.

Peel the cucumbers. Cut them into half rings. Transfer to a bowl.

Now let’s deal with ham. Cut into strips. We send it to a common bowl.

Now you need to finely chop the greens of dill and parsley.

Add canned green peas to the salad.

We pepper, add a little salt, as we have already salted the cabbage, and dress the salad with vegetable oil. Add a little vinegar for spiciness (you can add it if you wish). Mix everything.

As you can see, this salad is prepared very quickly. For women, it will be an excellent option for dinner. It turns out very tasty, easy.

Delicious and good mood!

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