Sardine salad in butter – a recipe with a photo

A delicious budget salad made from canned sardines will appeal to many. This is an easy way to make a light dinner in no time. The combination of fish and boiled vegetables makes the dish appetizing and very useful. This salad belongs to the category of “guests on the doorstep” dishes.

sardine (canned) – 1 can;
carrot – 2 pc.;
beetroot – 2 pcs.;
potatoes – 2 pcs.;
egg – 1 pcs.;
mayonnaise – 4 tbsp. l.

The process of making fish salad.

Open the cans, drain most of the liquid. Put the rest on a plate and mash with a fork, gently mixing the fish with oil.

Boil the washed roots until fully cooked. Then cool the vegetables and peel them.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes and place them in an even layer on top of the sardines.

Coat the potatoes with mayonnaise.

Chop the beetroot into the same cubes as the potatoes. Put on the salad and distribute evenly.

Cover the beet layer with mayonnaise.

Cut carrots into medium-sized cubes. Pour a layer of carrots on top of other vegetables.

Spread the remaining mayonnaise over the final layer of vegetables.

Boil an egg. Cool, clean and grind on a fine grater. Decorate the salad with a grated egg. An appetizing dish of sardines and boiled vegetables is ready.

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