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Preparation of semolina fritters. These are exactly the semolina balls that we were fed with in kindergarten – lush, sweet and, in my opinion, very tasty. In addition to the fact that they are prepared very easily and quickly, the recipe is also very good in that semolina pancakes can be prepared from cold and already thickened porridge, which remained after a delicious breakfast
From the specified number of ingredients, I got 12 fritters.

Pour cold or warm milk into a saucepan and pour semolina.

Then add sugar, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix and over low heat, stirring constantly so that lumps do not form, cook thick semolina porridge.
You can cook semolina in another way: pour semolina into boiling milk a little at a time and stir all the time so that lumps do not form.

Add butter to the porridge and, stirring, keep it on the fire for a little while longer so that it thickens well.

Cool the porridge a little. Separate the yolk from the protein and add it to the porridge, mix.

Next, add well-beaten protein to the porridge, mix everything again.

From the obtained mass, form fritters with wet hands, 1-1,5 cm thick, put them on a pan with heated butter and fry on a low heat on both sides until golden brown. To prevent the oil from burning, you can add a little refined vegetable oil to it. Put hot manniki on a plate and pour jam. Manni fritters (balls) are ready.

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