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The perfect combination of prunes, chicken and walnuts made this salad one of my family’s favorites. And no matter how much of a supporter of healthy eating I am, it is hard to imagine a holiday table without at least one salad.

The main thing, I think, is that all salad ingredients should be fresh, and the salad itself should not be eaten for several days. Long cold months ahead. My today’s salad is suitable for any winter celebration and holiday.

I made a small portion of the salad, so if you are cooking for more than 3 people, multiply the ingredients by 2. Well, or by as much as you think is necessary.

100 g of boiled chicken meat (about a quarter of the breast);
50 g of prunes;
170 g of fried mushrooms;
2 boiled eggs;
50 g of cheese;
1 small onion;
50 g of walnuts;
100 g of mayonnaise;
vegetable oil for frying.

How to make a Snowflake salad.

To prepare the salad, you need to cook the chicken breast and eggs in advance. Fry mushrooms and onions. You can fry them together or separately. Any mushrooms will do. I have prepared white and podosichniki from the fall. In appearance, they may not be as appetizing as mushrooms. But the taste of our forest mushrooms is very rich.

Prunes should be soaked, washed and dried.

It is important that all the ingredients for the salad are at the same temperature. This is the rule for preparing any salads.

Prunes. I cut it finely. She smeared the layer with mayonnaise.

Meat. She also cut and missed.

Mushrooms She did not lubricate.

Onion. Missed the mayonnaise again. But you, if you want, can lubricate each layer.

Yolk. Grated on a fine grater. Spread a little mayonnaise on the layer. I left the proteins for later.

Cheese. I grated it on a coarse grater.

And mayonnaise again.

Nuts I crushed them with a blender.

I covered the top of the salad quite thickly, but left some of the nuts for decoration.

White. Grated on a fine grater.

I put it on nuts. You can also use mayonnaise here. But I didn’t. She “painted” a snowflake with nuts.

Now the salad should be left to infuse in the refrigerator for several hours.

Good taste and happy holidays!

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