Spread on bread – a recipe with a photo

Today we will prepare a delicious bread spread. Products for such a spread are available and inexpensive. It is prepared very quickly, and it is eaten even faster.

lightly salted herring fillet – 250-200 g;
small onion – 1 pc.;
small sweet or sweet-sour apple – 1 pc.;
sour cream – 4 tbsp. l .;
lemon juice – 1 teaspoons;
dill – 1 bunch;
pepper, salt – to taste.

The process of making a spread on bread.

Peel and seed half of a large apple. Cut into small cubes. Sprinkle the apple with lemon juice so that it does not darken.

Cut the onion into small cubes. To remove the bitterness from the onion, pour boiling water over it for 10 minutes. Then drain the water.

Finely chop the dill.

Cut the herring fillet into small cubes.

Combine all ingredients, salt and pepper. Mix everything well.

Spread the spread on the bread. Decorate as you wish.

Believe me, you will like these unusual sandwiches with their delicious combination of herring, onion, apple, greens and sour cream. Bon appetit!

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