Stuffed chicken thighs – a recipe for a delicious dinner.

Who doesn’t love chicken? And stuffed – even more so. Let’s combine the pleasant with the useful and stuff everyone’s favorite thighs! The dish turns out to be juicy and tender, with a soft-textured filling and a slightly sweet taste of golden onions. And the crispy crust will be eaten even by the most ardent haters of chicken skin.

Prepare stuffed thighs on a pillow of baked carrots, and you will get a complete lunch or dinner with a side dish.

2 chicken thighs;
200 g of chicken hearts;
2 medium-sized bulbs;
1 tsp. a mixture of coriander, paprika and black pepper;
4 Art. l. vegetable oil for frying;
4 carrots (if small, take 5);
1 tsp. sugar;
salt and pepper – to taste;
tomato sauce or ketchup – for serving.

Cooking stuffed chicken thighs.

Peel the onion and cut into half rings.

Heat the oil in a small cauldron and stew the onion with 2 tbsp. l. of vegetable oil over low heat until a beautiful, caramel color.

Wash the thighs, cut off excess fat. With a sharp knife, carefully separate the meat from the bone up to the base of the leg. Using an ax or kitchen scissors, separate the bone into the bases.

Wash the hearts, dry them with paper towels.

Fry the offal in the remaining oil over high heat until lightly golden, about 4-5 minutes.

Straighten the leg, salt and season with spices.

Mix the sauteed onions and hearts, add a little salt and pepper and place in the center of the thigh. The amount of filling depends on the size of the leg.

With the help of a thread and a needle, sew up the thigh, fastening only the skin.

Place peeled and halved carrots in a baking dish, seasoning them with sugar. Place the thighs on top.

Bake in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 1 hour. Periodically water the chicken with the melted juice. Before serving, carefully pull out the thread.

Serve with carrots and tomato sauce.

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