Sugar Easter eggs

1. Prepare a mold: boil an egg, carefully cut it vertically with a sharp knife, scoop out the contents with a spoon, wash and dry the shell. You can use a plastic mold from “Kinder JOY” or another similar mold.

2. Prepare a baking sheet: cut a piece of cardboard so that it completely covers the baking sheet, cover it with parchment and place it on the baking sheet (it is impossible to bake sugar eggs without a cardboard layer – they will spread).

3. Pour sugar into a deep plate, add 3 tbsp. l. of water and mix thoroughly (it may look dry, but the main thing is that it sticks together slightly). Divide the sugar into several parts, add food coloring to each part and mix well. Put sugar in the molds, carefully and tightly tamping it (so that the finished egg does not fall apart), turn the molds over onto the cardboard.

4. Put the baking sheet in an oven heated to a temperature of 100°C and bake for 10 minutes.

5. Carefully transfer the finished eggs to a plate and leave for a few minutes. Then, using a teaspoon, carefully pick out the middles of the eggs, leaving a shell 1 cm thick (you don’t need to pick out the middles in small eggs).

6. Let the eggs dry well (for example, put them aside overnight), then connect the halves with glaze and set them aside for an hour so that the glaze hardens. Add food coloring to the glaze and decorate the finished eggs with it to taste. You can also decorate with figures made of mastic.

* This amount of ingredients will make 10-15 eggs.

* Such eggs can be stored for a very long time, but in a dry place. You can eat them, but they taste like regular sugar.

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