Table setting. Serving rules.

If you are arranging an elegant reception or inviting friends for a treat, table setting may cause you some difficulties. To set the table correctly, you need to know where to put the plates, silverware and glasses. Only then will you be able to prepare in two counts and wish your guests bon appetit. If you want to learn how to set the table, use our tips.

Table setting for an official reception.

Put the napkin on the table under the heat. Place a napkin for each guest, taking into account the number of chairs.

For a formal dinner, you should have enough napkins on hand for all guests. Napkins should harmonize with the color of the tablecloth.

Place the napkin to the left of the stand under the plate. Fold the napkin in half or four depending on the situation. Ideally, the napkin should be made of fabric. After you put the forks, they can be wrapped in a napkin.

Place the plate in the center of the stand. The plate should cover the right corner of the tablecloth. If you want the serving to look good, use ceramic plates.

Place a dinner and salad fork on a napkin. The dinner fork should be very close to the plate, but not touching it. The salad fork should be an inch to the left of the dinner fork. The tines of the fork should face away from the guest.

If you forget where to put your forks, think about the order in which the dishes will be served on the table. Maybe a salad will be served before dinner, and you will have to eat from the plate using cutlery from left to right, so the salad fork should be to the left of the dinner fork.

Remember that you start the meal with dishes that can be eaten with your hands. Cutlery is used for all other meals. The further the dinner progresses, the more dishes in the full sense of the word.

Put a knife to the right of the plate. The knife should “look” away from the person, and the sharp edge should face the plate.

If you’re confused about where spoons and forks should go, consider how a right-handed person uses a spoon and fork to cut food. If you squat down and repeat the movements with your right hand, you will see that the fork is taken in the left hand and the knife in the right. This is exactly how cutlery should be placed.

Place the teaspoon to the left of the knife. It is used to stir coffee/tea at the end of a meal.

Place a soup spoon to the right of the teaspoon. Do this if there is soup first, as the soup spoon will be the first utensil you will need to eat the soup.

Note that in a traditional table setting, a soup spoon is larger than a tea spoon.

Place the wine glass in the upper right corner of the heat rack. To place another glass of water, place it on the top left of the regular glass. The tip of the knife should be facing the water glass.

Place additional plates and utensils on the table that may be needed. If the treat consists of several meals, you may need additional plates and cutlery, such as:

Bread/butter plate and knife. Place a small round plate over the forks, five inches apart. Place a small knife horizontally over the plate with the blade facing to the left.

Dessert fork and spoon. Place a small dessert fork and spoon horizontally, a few inches above the plate so that the spoon is over the fork. The fork should be turned to the left, and the spoon to the right.

Coffee cup. Place a coffee cup with a small saucer a few inches away from the farthest piece of cutlery from the center of the table. The cup should be to the left of him.

A glass for red and white wine. If you have two different glasses, the white wine glass should be closer to the guest, and the red wine glass should be a little further away, in the upper left corner. You should remember that the guests will start with white wine and finish the treat with red.

Setting the table for an informal treat.

Place a hot plate in the center of the table. It can be a little simpler than for an official celebration. A solid plain fabric stand will be enough.

Place a cloth napkin to the left of the stand under the hot one. You can also put a paper napkin folded twice or four times.

Place the plate in the middle of the hot rack. The plate does not have to be richly decorated or too fancy. Try to harmonize the plates with all the other appliances.

Place the dinner fork to the left of the plate. For a regular treat, you only need one fork.

Place the knife to the right of the plate. The blade of the knife should be turned towards the plate, as in an official reception.

Put a soup spoon to the right of the knife. If soup will not be served on the table, lower this cutlery.

Place the dessert spoon horizontally over the plate so that it is facing left. A dessert fork should be much smaller and not as concave as a soup spoon.

Place the dessert fork parallel to the dessert spoon, in the lower right corner. The dessert fork should be noticeably smaller than the dinner fork. The latter should be located below the dessert fork.

Place the wine glass on the left side a few centimeters from the soup spoon. For an informal treat, a wine glass can be without a stem.

Place the water glass at a short distance from the soup spoon. It should be placed a little further, to the left of the wine glass. The glass for water should be slightly larger in size than a regular glass.

Make sure that there is enough space in the arrangement of each guest for comfortable use of cutlery, and guests do not bump elbows while eating.

To make the serving process easier for yourself, put only those dishes and cutlery that are actually needed on the table.

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