Three cabbage vitamin salad – a recipe with a photo

Today I propose to prepare a vitamin salad, which I called “Three Cabbage”. This salad is simple, tasty and very healthy.

red cabbage – 150 g;
Beijing/Chinese cabbage – 150 g;
fermented white cabbage – 150 g;
sweet onion (you can also use onion) – 1/2;
unrefined vegetable oil ~ 3 tbsp. l.;
fresh herbs (optional);
salt, pepper, sugar to taste.

Salad preparation process.

Red cabbage should be cut into strips as thin as possible. Transfer to a plate, add a little salt and mash well. Knead until it becomes juicy and soft.

Pour sunflower oil here.

Now you need to finely chop the sauerkraut. I send her there in the salad bowl.

Beijing cabbage should also be cut into thin strips. I send it to the salad bowl..

Cut the onion into thin quarters. If you use onions, chop them and saute them together with red cabbage to reduce their spiciness a little. We also send the onion to the dish.

If you have any fresh greens, then you also need to chop them.

I’ll add a quarter teaspoon of sugar for contrast. It remains to mix everything carefully and taste for salt.

This is the kind of vitamin salad I made and it will definitely work for you.

And I wish you bon appetit!

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