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0,5 liters of dry red wine
dried fruits
1 апельсин
1 lemon
75 g of sugar
1 cinnamon stick
150 ml of cognac
12 buds of cloves
Black Tea.

Method of cooking:
Pour a bottle of wine into a saucepan (take plain wine, you don’t need to look for super-expensive wines here. Red, dry and not strong wine is most suitable.)

Cut the lemon and orange into 4 parts.

Throw the orange into the pan and drop the cinnamon stick there.

You can simply pour cloves into wine, or you can stick them in lemon, like this.

We put our pan on the fire, and at the same time boil water in a teapot to brew 4-5 spoons of black tea.

The most important thing is that mulled wine, like coffee, should never boil. The temperature should reach 70 degrees, the dishes should be enameled or silver, or Zepter.

We heat our pan for 5-6 minutes, and then add cognac there.

Cover with a lid and let stand for 6-8 minutes.

We put it on the fire again and pour sugar.

Pour the brewed tea (about 0,5 l).

And bring the temperature to 70 degrees.

That’s it, our gluten wine is ready.

Cognac can be replaced with rum. Keep in mind that the more cognac, the more insidious this drink is.

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