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A multi-layered, tasty and beautiful salad that will appeal to your children and adults. A great option for a child’s birthday. It can, and even should be done in advance so that it seeps. Thus, you will have time to prepare something else.

1 medium chicken breast (boiled);
200 g of mushrooms (chopped);
150-200 g of cheese (finely grated);
3-4 pcs. eggs (grated on a fine grater);
250 g of walnuts;
1 small onion (finely chopped);
200 g of mayonnaise.

To decorate:

How to cook Turtle salad.

First, let’s prepare everything. Peel the onion, finely chop it. If you don’t really like the smell of onions, you can pour boiling water over already chopped onions and let them stand for a while (3 minutes), the strong smell will go away.

Boil 1 medium chicken breast and cut into pieces. Set aside.

Wash the mushrooms, cut them into medium-sized pieces and fry them in a pan. Set aside.

Grate the cheese on a fine grater. Set aside. Grate the eggs on a fine grater, so the salad will be more tender and better soaked. Chop the walnuts (I do it in a blender). Set aside.

Let’s start making the salad. Spreading salad leaves in a circle on a flat dish is our trick. The first layer is chicken breast (lay out in the form of an oval).

The second layer is half of walnuts. The other half will be needed for the shell. Spread the third layer with mayonnaise. To make it easier to do this, a corner is cut off in a bag with mayonnaise and mayonnaise is squeezed out with a thin tip (the smaller the corner, the smaller the tip) in random order.

The fourth layer is chopped onions, and mushrooms on top. To give the shell a natural look (oval body), each layer should be slightly reduced in diameter.

The fifth is again a layer of mayonnaise. The sixth layer is finely grated cheese.

The seventh layer is finely grated eggs. I would also spread mayonnaise between these 2 layers, as I thought my salad was dry. Although the guests really liked everything anyway. Next, smear the eggs with mayonnaise. And finally, sprinkle everything with half of walnuts.

Prepare the palm tree: string pitted olives on a skewer, palm leaves — 3 sprigs of parsley (parsley is better, because the dill falls).

And this work is injected into a boiled potato or apple. We plant a palm tree next to the turtle.

We decorate our turtle: make the head from an egg. Eyes and nose from black peas (pepper), hair from dill, mouth from boiled carrots. From above, we cover our turtle with a shell, that is, we apply a mesh made of mayonnaise as shown in the photo. I hope you like it. It is not only beautiful, but also delicious!

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