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Loaf — 6 slices
Carrot – 1 piece of medium size
Sweet pepper – 1 piece of medium size
Tomatoes – 1 piece of medium size
Soft processed cheese – 2 tablespoons
Capers – 1 tablespoon
Pickled mushrooms – 6 pieces
Chili seasoning – 1 pinch
Dill greens – to taste
Ground black pepper, salt to taste.

Method of cooking:
Much depends on which loaf you have available. If it is ordinary, then we will cut six slices from it and clean them from the crust. If “French”, thin, then there should be more slices, 10 pieces. But it will not hurt to clean it from the crust either. In a number of canape recipes, it is recommended to pre-fry the bread in butter. In this recipe, it is not necessary to do this. So, decide for yourself. It will turn out both so and so tasty.

Let’s prepare the paste for spreading. First of all, grate our carrots on a fine grater. Clean the pepper from seeds and walls and finely chop. The smaller the better. We will also finely chop the tomato. All vegetables should be mixed into a homogeneous mass, adding soft cheese, salt, pepper and seasoning to it during the mixing process.

Let’s prepare mushrooms. Everything is simple here. Open the jar, pour the liquid. The mushrooms themselves, if they are large, can be cut, but not very finely. For each of our “kanapushka” there should be one weighty piece of mushroom. And if they are small, then there is no need to cut them.

Now we form canapés. If we have large pieces of bread, then each one should be cut in half. If we use “French”, then there is no need to cut. And now we will smear each piece with vegetable paste, put a piece or a whole small mushroom in it.

It remains to decorate the top with greens and capers.

It is best if you can “meet” canapés made according to different recipes on one large dish. By the way, the above-mentioned paste for spreading can serve as a basis for various culinary experiments.

– Try to choose cheese, not a cheese product. The first is made of natural milk, and in the second you can find anything. It is not bad if your cheese will contain mushrooms and greens. Such varieties are now also found.

— Can be used to decorate canapés and olives. Their taste goes well with mushrooms.

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