Vegetable stew with meat, a recipe for a slow cooker

I cook such a stew with chicken, it also turns out delicious. But it should be taken into account that chicken is cooked faster and needs a lower temperature. To make the dish look not only tasty, but also beautiful, I recommend adding greens at the end: dill, basil and parsley. In general, this is one of the most favorite dishes in our family: my daughter, son, and husband like it. Fast, tasty, beautiful!

This is one of the most popular dishes in our family. My husband loves it when I add eggplant and basil to this recipe. I put basil in a plate before the finished dish. Instead of tomato paste, I use homemade tomato juice and make a stir-fry with it and onions. Tried to make it with chicken, but it turns out tastier with pork!

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