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Ragu is a simple and versatile dish for a family dinner. I often prepare this dish, if only because the stew is based on fresh and affordable vegetables. This time I found cabbage, carrots and onions in my fridge. Ideally, you could add bell pepper and tomatoes, but I wasn’t going to buy anything specifically.

carrot – 3 pc.;
soy sauce – 2 tbsp. l.;
onion – 0,5 pc.;
chicken meat – 300 g;
White cabbage – 500 g.

The method of cooking vegetable stew with meat.

Therefore, cooking stew can be conditionally divided into 2 steps.

Step 1. Prepare the products. Grate the carrot and cut into rings.

Cut the chicken fillet into medium-sized pieces and marinate in soy sauce and seasonings to your taste for about 30 minutes.

Cut the cabbage as small as possible. I have a special knife for chopping cabbage, they are very convenient and quick to use.

Step 2. We start cooking with onions, which we first cut very finely and throw into the pan. I have a ceramic pan, so I cook without oil, so the stew will turn out to be a little dietary. Due to the fact that I do not use oil, I have to constantly stir so that the onion does not burn.

Now we add carrots, which we finely grated on a grater, and fry them a little with onions. Don’t try too hard, we don’t want the carrots to become dry.

After about 5 minutes, move the resulting mixture of onions and carrots to one side of the pan and lay out the chicken fillet. We need the meat to be nicely fried from all sides and acquire a beautiful browned color. It happens quite quickly, so we are not distracted anywhere.

After the meat is fried on all sides, “cover” with a mixture of onions and carrots, and also lay out carrots cut into rounds.

Now you can either immediately put a layer of cabbage on top, if it is cut in advance, or close the pan and quickly cut the cabbage. Everything we need is already fried, the rest will only be stewed. I do not add additional water, but I pour out the rest of the marinade from under the chicken.

Now it’s the cabbage’s turn. Cabbage is not spared. The photo below shows exactly half the portion. Cabbage tends to shrink in size, so first we stew one portion, after 5 minutes we add the second portion of cabbage, it will enter freely.

Stew the stew for about 30 minutes. I like vegetables to be soft. But you can reduce the cooking time of our dish, the taste will not suffer from this.

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