Vegetable stew with pork – a recipe for cooking the dish.

The variety of vegetables today promises a lot of new, interesting, and most importantly, easy and useful recipes using them. I really hope that my version of a delicious vegetable stew with young peas and green beans will be useful to someone.

I prepared a dish for myself and for my husband: for myself – more vegetables, and for my husband I decided to add a little meat, although my husband is also fond of vegetables. In the end, we had a wonderful dinner.

500 g of new potatoes;
1 large onion (also from a new harvest);
1 young carrot;
200 g of green beans;
1 incomplete glass of green peas (peeled);
about 200 g of pork (quite lean);
2-3 cloves of garlic;
a little vegetable oil;
2 bay leaves;
a pinch of salt and pepper.

We are preparing a delicious vegetable stew with meat.

I started with onions and carrots – first I peeled them, and then I simply cut them into half rings.

Cleaned garlic cloves finely chopped.

Young potatoes were also peeled and cut into pieces.

I first removed the tips from the green beans, rinsed them and cut them into 2-3 parts.

She also washed the young green peas and cleaned them of their wings.

Now you can proceed directly to the process of preparing the stew – I decided to extinguish it in a small cast-iron cauldron. I poured oil on its bottom, warmed it up a little and sent the carrots with onions and garlic to fry.

Later, she added pieces of pork and mixed well.

After 7 minutes, stirring each time, she began to add other vegetables – potatoes, green beans, and at the very end – young peas.

Then we add a little water – it should be at the same level as the vegetables, add salt, spices and bay leaves. Stir, cover with a lid and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes.

How tasty and aromatic this vegetable stew turned out, words simply cannot convey.

You just need to use the moment and cook it faster!

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