Waldorf salad – a recipe with a photo

Waldorf is my favorite American salad! A true American classic. It was created more than a hundred years ago by the maître d’ of the still popular New York Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Fresh, healthy and as dietary as possible (in our case, replace mayonnaise with a less calorie dressing, then this dish will be dietary)!

To prepare an incredibly airy and juicy salad, you need a few products.

celery – 5 stalks;
walnuts – a handful;
green apple – 1 pcs.;
lemon juice – 1 teaspoons;
cream (fat content 33%) — 100 ml;
mayonnaise – 2 st. l.

Salad preparation process.

Clean the stalks of celery with a vegetable knife only on the outside, then chop diagonally to make thin straws.

Fry a handful of walnuts in a pan. If desired, they can then be peeled and chopped.

Peel one juicy green apple, cut out the core, and then cut into thin strips. It is advisable to sprinkle the apple with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice so that it does not darken so quickly.

Pour 100 milliliters of cold cream with a fat content of 33% into a separate bowl, beat with a mixer. If the cream is warm or less fatty, it is not a fact that it will curdle. Beating takes a maximum of 2 minutes.

Add two tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix.

Now we dress our salad.

Add chopped nuts and mix thoroughly.

Waldorf salad is ready. It is incredibly simple, but very interesting and tasty. Be sure to try it.

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