Warm salad with beef liver – recipe with photo.

Today I thought that I haven’t cooked liver dishes for my family in a long time and I decided to make amends. I found a recipe for a warm salad with beef liver and prepared it. Once again, the salad turned out to be so tasty that I myself ate as many as three servings today.

My husband also did not expect that the salad would turn out to be so tasty. The salad turned out to be quite filling, you won’t eat a lot of it. I am sure that such a salad will be wonderful with chicken, turkey or pork liver. It’s just that I prefer beef liver, I try to buy it.

The salad is called warm because it is recommended to serve it warm. Allegedly, the flavors of all the ingredients in this case are very well combined with each other. But even after storing in the refrigerator, it does not lose its taste qualities, tested by my husband.

beef liver – 400 g;
canned peas – 1/2 can;
pickled cucumber – 1-2 pcs. (depending on its size);
onion – 1 pc.;
carrot – 1 pc.;
mayonnaise – 100-120 g;
vegetable oil – 20 g (for frying);
sіl for relish.

Salad recipe.

First, we put the beef liver to boil. I boil it in a large amount of water for 20-30 minutes.

While the liver is cooking, pour canned peas into a container for salad.

Cut pickled cucumbers into cubes. The smaller the better.

We add them to the peas.

Cut the onion and carrot into slices.

Fry the vegetables in a pan until the carrots are soft.

Cut the boiled, slightly cooled, but still warm liver into slices.

Boiled liver can also be grated on a coarse grater. Add slices of beef liver and fried onions and carrots to the peas and pickles.

Dress the salad with mayonnaise.

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