Zucchini rolls with chicken fillet – a recipe for cooking the dish.

Zucchini rolls with cheese and chicken fillet, the recipe of which I decided to share with you, were liked by everyone who was lucky enough to try them – from small to large. And we tried them last night, after a busy weekend, after returning from the village.

The wonderful thing about this dish is that I made it from my own zucchini! How great it is when there is an opportunity to feed the family with vegetables straight from the garden – fresh, natural and so useful.

1 chicken fillet;
2 Zucchini;
50 g of guni juice;
sprig of fresh basil;
1 Art. l. tomato sauce;
3 Art. l. soy sauce;
a pinch of Provencal herbs;
1 Art. l. olive oil;
a little salt

We are preparing rolls with chicken fillet.

I started the process by preparing the chicken fillet for use – it should be washed well, soaked with a towel and cut into thin long strips (for this, it is best to use a knife with a long blade).

I decided to marinate the chicken in a mixture of soy sauce and Provencal herbs – I simply mixed everything together and set it aside.

Now the zucchini. They also need to be cut into long pieces about half a centimeter thick.

Then we turn on the oven to maximum and put the zucchini strips there, laid out on a baking sheet, lightly sprinkled with salt and sprinkled with olive oil. 10 minutes. This is so that they become softer and easier to roll into a roll.

During this time, we will grate the cheese and prepare the basil by washing it, drying it and dividing it into leaves. When the layers of zucchini have cooled a little, we spread the chicken fillet on them along the entire length and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Then distribute a basil leaf and a drop of tomato sauce.

It remains to roll up with a roll and pierce with a skewer, 2-3 pieces for each.

Put the formed kebabs from vegetables and meat on a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Zucchini rolls are served hot on skewers, garnished with a sprig of basil.

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